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Conan the Creep: A Good Man Is Hard To Find Tour, Pt. 2

  I reserved a Conan ticket in a fit of pique, after a particularly nasty man I must deal with through work demanded my presence at a meeting I very much did not want to attend. “Sorry,” I said, with the ease of someone with too many Walter Mitty-esque notions in her head. “I’ll be […]

When still sponges,

  Unpierced by rope, Unhung on hook, Unsqueezed small, All flowed freely To and through. That was life Before being plucked To clean it up.  

Ursula, Morrissey and Entrainment

Morrissey’s crotch sweat almost killed me once, and I have Ursula Le Guin to thank. Her essay, Telling is Listening, hit me hard in 2009. (Read it now. Read it instead of this. That is all.) One quote of many: “Oral performance uses time and space in a  particular way of its own. It creates its […]

Newt Scamander: Real anti-antiheroes cry (often)

Newt Scamander derailed my Friday cleaning ritual, and he’s been on my mind ever since. I usually watch a film as I clean, something frothy and sweet and easy to follow as I fold socks. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them had been on my queue due to Eddie Redmayne’s top billing. If Eddie’s […]

It is what it is, (or, John Locke & johnlock & Wittgenstein)

One of the most fascinating human tendencies is that of categorization. Our vocabulary serves as the mechanism of categorization, allowing us to put the round peg in the round hole with the least amount of mental effort. It works with objects (the Inuits have 50 words for snow), and it works with relationships (the Greeks […]

Hallways & Hadrian

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